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One minute can change your life forever

That split-second decision to stay for one last beer can change your entire life. That DWI / DUI you'll get on the way home as a result can have lasting impacts beyond the legal penalties, including future employment. Whether or not this is your first offense, you have rights and it is possible to lessen the consequences.

When you've been accused of a DWI / DUI, it's important to remember you have rights. You deserve a seasoned attorney who isn't afraid to fight for those rights. With over 20 years in practice, the Law Offices of Rex J. Roldan will use their experience to do battle for you.

Don't go down without a fight

•  Fines

•  Jail time

•  Suspension / loss of license

•  Community service

•  Mandatory ignition interlock device

•  Mandatory substance abuse classes

Possible consequences include:

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